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Raroia Diving

We had a hard time leaving Rarioa. This was our first stop in the coral atolls that make up the Tuamotu Archipelago, our first pass diving, and our first time surrounded by sharks, every dive. Not only was this diving special for the sharks, but also the large groupers, schools […]


Welcome Shawnecee!

We have a new crew member onboard Silent Sun! Shawnecee has joined us on the trip to French Polynesia to help us document… everything! We want to tell the story of our triumphs and challenges crossing the Pacific Ocean, and once we get to FP, continue documenting stories of local […]

Life in La Paz

We realize the blog hasn’t been updated as planned. We are sorry for this. I say this is Chris’ fault, of course he says it’s mine.. I call that marriage. We have been living and working in La Paz for over 3 months now… jeezers! Where does the time go? […]

and entertainment for the little ones

The Big Wind

Last weekend we had a big Norther come through. Every once and a while these systems form in the sea and send big gusts heading south from the cooler temperatures of the north. This one was a particularly big blow with 40 mph winds being clocked in various parts of […]

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An afternoon with Dinghus Kahn

Meet Dinghus… Full name:  Dinghus Kahn Sex: Male Age: Pup Species: Steller Sea Lion Favorite Past time: Likes long swims on the beach, dining out on herring, puking on loved ones, and sleeping- lots of sleeping Snores while Sleeping: Yes. One beautiful morning, while anchored in Mag Bay- we awoke […]


Good Bye SCUBA-Roo

The time has come for us to say good-bye to our trusty chariot, The Scube. We bought her in South Florida 5 years ago and soon thereafter took a road trip from the Florida Keys to Bellingham, WA, just about the two farthest points on the continental map. She’s been […]

Jess, Teen and The Scube

Old Salty Balls

Legend has it that there was once a dog forged from equal parts steel and awesome sauce. It was said that this dog, upon entering his Golden Years, would set sail across the world and leave a wake of love, where it was earned, and fear in the souls of […]

Just when you thought it was safe....