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Titi Research in the Tuamotus

While exploring one of our favorite motus found in Tahanea, we were photographing some of the local residents (only animals found around here, no people!)… and I noticed some of the Sandpipers (known as Titi to locals)  had bands around their ankles. I assumed the bands meant that someone had […]

Atoll Motu

Welcome Shawnecee!

We have a new crew member onboard Silent Sun! Shawnecee has joined us on the trip to French Polynesia to help us document… everything! We want to tell the story of our triumphs and challenges crossing the Pacific Ocean, and once we get to FP, continue documenting stories of local […]

Life in La Paz

We realize the blog hasn’t been updated as planned. We are sorry for this. I say this is Chris’ fault, of course he says it’s mine.. I call that marriage. We have been living and working in La Paz for over 3 months now… jeezers! Where does the time go? […]

and entertainment for the little ones

Lending a hand to the Whalesharks

Whalesharks are to La Paz, like coconuts are to Palm trees. Or something like this. There’s a lot of them here. Whalesharks visit the La Paz Bay each winter to grow up in the safe, protected waters. They come here to eat krill, chill and visit the waters of the […]

“Snorkeling” in Man-O-War Cove

After a few days at sea we have made it to Bahia Magdelena, the second most populous Grey Whale calving ground on Baja’s pacific coast. Roughly the same size as northern California’s San Francisco Bay, “Mag Bay” is a very popular stop-over for traveling yachts and cruising sailboats to hide […]


Turtle Bay -> Abreojos

After 5 days, 2 hangovers and one offshore mega-storm (that we were hiding from), it was finally time to leave Bahia Tortuga. We could have hung out for longer. We were making really good friends and our Spanish was getting better everyday, since nobody really spoke English, but there aren’t […]

Jess, Antonio and Isaias on the way to the Fish Camp

Taco Tuesday

So we made it to Ensenada this morning at sunrise. There’s more to the story obviously, but I’ll get to it in a post later today or tomorrow. Just wanted to let everyone know we made it and are all checked in. For those following the Mexican TIP fiasco, it […]

Sunsets Under Sail


It has begun. On January 23rd, we cast off our bowlines and set out on what is sure to be our biggest test yet. For better or worse, we called the refit done and decided we couldn’t wait any longer. We had to get off the dock. So, after running […]

Jess takes us out of San Diego Harbor for the beginning of something big