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Titi Research in the Tuamotus

While exploring one of our favorite motus found in Tahanea, we were photographing some of the local residents (only animals found around here, no people!)… and I noticed some of the Sandpipers (known as Titi to locals)  had bands around their ankles. I assumed the bands meant that someone had […]

Atoll Motu

Raroia Diving

We had a hard time leaving Rarioa. This was our first stop in the coral atolls that make up the Tuamotu Archipelago, our first pass diving, and our first time surrounded by sharks, every dive. Not only was this diving special for the sharks, but also the large groupers, schools […]


On my mind…

We are getting ready to leave on a 30+ day crossing from Mexico to the Marquesas. What’s on my mind right now? 1. Did I buy enough cans of black beans. 2. What will I miss more… the people of Mexico or the food? 3. Do I really need to […]

La Paz Pan American Triathalon

Long story short: We made it to La Paz. It’s a great city and we are glad to have it as our home base for the next few months. There’s actually a lot of young cruisers here, at least 4 or 5 boats full, so Jess is happy to be […]

2014 La Paz Mexico PATCO Triathlon Pan American Cup

Grey Whales of Bahia Magdelena

Our last night in Bahia Magdelena, we anchored at Punta Belcher, just inside the mouth of the bay. It was a really beautiful anchorage and we could see the bottom clearly through 20 feet of emerald green water, but unfortunately, we had to get rolling down to the cape for […]


“The Dunes”

Here’s a quick gallery from an area of Bahia Magdelena known as “The Dunes”. If you are anchored at Man-O-War cove, it’s only a quick dinghy ride away, and you will know its there because you will hear the coyote’s yipping away all night long. At low tide, the mud […]

Bahia Tortuga: Dia Quatro

Here’s a picture post for our great day out yesterday. After getting up and shaking off the “Pominga” drowsiness, we headed out to a local break with some surfers that we met. We ate some local seafood and generally just had a great time. Today we have been getting the […]

Surfing in Bahia Tortuga

Bahia Tortuga

Ok. So, when we left you last, we had told you that we were gonna gunkhole down the Pacific coast of Baja California. Long story short: That wasn’t going to happen. After saying goodbye to our new besties, Joey and Suzanne (of Johnny Rook), Jeanne (of Nereida) and Pete (of […]

Turtle Bay Whale House

Hussong’s Cantina

In the heart of Ensenada is a sacred watering hole, renowned amongst drunks of the world as the finest place to imbibe Mexican spirits, only to be set free in the streets all wild-eyed and randy. That place is Hussong’s Cantina and its been the center of the Ensenadan social […]

Hussong's Cantina - Since 1892