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Against All Odds: The Turtle Greenhouse of Tortugueros Las Playitas

Due to habitat destruction and development in southern Baja, many sea turtles are pushing farther and farther north to lay their eggs in the quieter beaches of Todos Santos. Unfortunately, the winter temperatures this far north do not allow the eggs to incubate. For this reason, many of the nests laid here would just rot until a marine biologist from La Paz developed a technique for using a greenhouse to raise ground temperatures.

We traveled to Todos Santos, Baja California Sur from our anchorage in La Paz to interview the team that is working hard to protect these winter nests. With their help, tens of thousands of endangered sea turtles have made it into the ocean where none would have before.

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  1. Dave Hunt

    Love that you guys are highlighting grassroots research and conservation work. Looking forward to seeing lots more!


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