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Monthly Archives: March 2014

La Paz Pan American Triathalon

Long story short: We made it to La Paz. It’s a great city and we are glad to have it as our home base for the next few months. There’s actually a lot of young cruisers here, at least 4 or 5 boats full, so Jess is happy to be […]

2014 La Paz Mexico PATCO Triathlon Pan American Cup

Grey Whales of Bahia Magdelena

Our last night in Bahia Magdelena, we anchored at Punta Belcher, just inside the mouth of the bay. It was a really beautiful anchorage and we could see the bottom clearly through 20 feet of emerald green water, but unfortunately, we had to get rolling down to the cape for […]


“The Dunes”

Here’s a quick gallery from an area of Bahia Magdelena known as “The Dunes”. If you are anchored at Man-O-War cove, it’s only a quick dinghy ride away, and you will know its there because you will hear the coyote’s yipping away all night long. At low tide, the mud […]

An afternoon with Dinghus Kahn

Meet Dinghus… Full name:  Dinghus Kahn Sex: Male Age: Pup Species: Steller Sea Lion Favorite Past time: Likes long swims on the beach, dining out on herring, puking on loved ones, and sleeping- lots of sleeping Snores while Sleeping: Yes. One beautiful morning, while anchored in Mag Bay- we awoke […]


“Snorkeling” in Man-O-War Cove

After a few days at sea we have made it to Bahia Magdelena, the second most populous Grey Whale calving ground on Baja’s pacific coast. Roughly the same size as northern California’s San Francisco Bay, “Mag Bay” is a very popular stop-over for traveling yachts and cruising sailboats to hide […]


Turtle Bay -> Abreojos

After 5 days, 2 hangovers and one offshore mega-storm (that we were hiding from), it was finally time to leave Bahia Tortuga. We could have hung out for longer. We were making really good friends and our Spanish was getting better everyday, since nobody really spoke English, but there aren’t […]

Jess, Antonio and Isaias on the way to the Fish Camp