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From La Paz to La Cruz

We left La Paz after a very fun Sunday, enjoying our first Carnaval parade on the Malecon. That town will never cease to amaze us. Anywho… off we were to mainland!


We sent daily location updates to our parents in Florida, using our SAT phone. This is what they made us in the end!

We started our big journey to mainland from Bahia Balandra. Chris We had agreed beforehand that we didn’t want to use our engine unless we really had to, so here was our big attempt to sail the whole way to the La Cruz anchorage in Banderas Bay. And that we did…



Whenever we did crossings, or longer transits before in the Sea of Cortez, it seemed like we always had a deadline- someone waiting for us, work to do, etc. This time we didn’t have any real big time constraints so as the wind slowly came to a halt on day 2, we settled in.


The water was so calm, sometimes it was difficult to tell where the sky began..

This was something we had to adjust to… mentally. Usually when we start bobbing around, sails flagging, we start up the ol’ diesel and take off again. Not this time! Which we both have realized was a real great warm-up for the big crossing we have coming up… for the dog also. Overall the trip that usually takes people 3-5 days, took us 7-8 and we were out at sea for a total of 10 days (!). Our longest ever. Capt Salty Balls did great, we had many wildlife visitors along the way, our nights were full of bioluminescent plankton… glowing like rockets behind dolphin and sea lions throughout the night. Overall it was a magical, relaxing, awesome sail.


IMG_1622We made it to La Cruz, all in one peace… happy and stoked to drink a beer, see old friends, and explore a new town. Thanks sea, wind, and wildlife for a great time.


The crossing was full of many special gifts- especially these morning watch sunrises <3


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