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Check it out!

One of our BC Stellar sea lion images got printed in Seattle Magazine last week… promoting a new conservation  book on the Salish Sea.

To wanderers it looks like a beautiful carpet, but to marine scientists the diversity tells an exciting story about the geological evolution of our region.

The book is a collaboration between one of our favorite organizations The SeaDoc Society, Sasquatch Books and Cloud Ridge Naturalists. It uses photography from many of our favorite northwest photographers.. and even included some of our images! It is informative, with effective, stunning imagery- made to give a sneak peak into one of the most magical jewels of the Pacific Northwest in the United States… the Salish Sea.

If you get the chance… grab a copy! Check out your local bookstore, or even Barnes and Noble will have a copy waiting for you on March 31st. We can’t wait to see it in person :)

For more information on this magical place, and to get to know one of the most effective, hard working organizations out there… check out the Sea Doc Society and support the great work they do. Thanks.

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