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Welcome Shawnecee!

We have a new crew member onboard Silent Sun!


Shawnecee has joined us on the trip to French Polynesia to help us document… everything! We want to tell the story of our triumphs and challenges crossing the Pacific Ocean, and once we get to FP, continue documenting stories of local people facing challenges living on the Pacific Ocean. She is a Chicago born, Bay Area living, badass sailor with lots of filming experience!

Here is a cheesy, goofy, drunken “interview” session we had the other night so you can get a better idea of us and what’s going on as we are getting set to depart for our most epic crossing..


J: Chris- What do you want to kill Jess about right now?

C: Not taking a complete dose of antibiotics.

J: Shawnecee- What was your first impression of Silent Sun?

S: I was pretty impressed with how much gear was on the boat…. I was impressed with such a sweet little boat it was. I was a little overwhelmed with below decks and how it was going  to be possible to stow everything. That was my first impression… a little over whelming and all this sick gear. I was a bit surprised because I thought it was going to be a lot tighter, but now not so bad, comfortable with 3 people… especially once the containers of provision are gone!

C: Jess- What is March Madness?

J: To most people March Madness is a time of year for college basketball and gambling and things like this. For me, it’s about my throbbing ovaries and an overall craze for babies… or some womany, hormonal thing I can not control. No worries, Shawnecee was warned upon arrival in March.

S: Chris- Are you going to be listening to Music during the passage, and if so, what?

C: Heck yes. Thanks to Graeme on S/V Mata, I have 180 gigs of new music. Off the top of my head, I’m going to be listening to everything from Blues (Lemon Jefferson, Howlin’ Wolf) to Newer electronic Pop, maybe a little country (??), Zack Brown, War on Drugs. We’ve been into James Taylor lately and Jungle. *(1 hour later we are still sitting in a weird Mexican apartment listening to Chris’ practice passage playlist… and Chris still wants to adjust his music listed above)

C:  Jess- What is your biggest fear on the crossing?

J: That I do all our fresh fruit and veggie provisions and we sit on the dock waiting for our Zarpe for another 5 days. OR that Chris eats all our granola bars.

C: Shawnecee- What are you going to miss the most?

S: Just one thing? Laughing …. Sex. Oh, and my new skateboard, and Huey my cat. *(But that would be 3 things)

J: Chris- What are you most looking forward to once we get to the Marquesas?

C: Drinking a beer with my well earned sea legs.

S: Jess- Do you want to talk about Tini?

J: Ok!

**Chris interrupts- Jess, What’s up with you naked- watch dancing?

J: Oooo, Martini and Naked Dancing- my two faves. So, the dog- well, really our child of 13 years is a bad mofo. He has been with me through highschool, undergrad at WSU, stuck with me through all our travels elsewhere, was there with me in graduate school… and now finally he gets to live out his golden years with us in the South Pacific!

As for naked dance parties during my watches…. well, I guess ya’ll are just going to have to find out for yourselves! Probably the most freeing, fun, and my exercise on the boat!


There ya go ya weirdos…



Comments (5)

  1. Dee Hanson Smith

    You guys are going to have such an amazing experience. I hope you document everything so I can live vicariously through you all. Have a safe passage and I wish you all the best. You guys are amazing! Love ya xo

  2. Nancy Steelman

    Doesn’t Chris know to leave the last piece of “whatever” to feed into Jess’ OCD need to have at least one of everything left in the cupboard? Better let Shawnecee know that little fact. The cupboards must never be completely bare.

    • S/V Silent Sun

      haha! You know me too well… But hey my OCD did us well in this case! We still had fresh veggies 34 days later!

  3. Wahkuna

    Love the interview and the dancing naked, I thought it only happened on Wahkuna…. Have fun on your crossing. Once in the Marquesas go and say hi to Paul and Jacques from me, that is Paul Gauguin and Jacques Brel.

    • S/V Silent Sun

      Thanks so much for your words of encouragement and support Wahkuna! and for naked dancing too :) What islands are Paul and Jacques on?? Miss you guys! Hope all is well in LAP.


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