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On my mind…

We are getting ready to leave on a 30+ day crossing from Mexico to the Marquesas. What’s on my mind right now?

1. Did I buy enough cans of black beans.

2. What will I miss more… the people of Mexico or the food?

3. Do I really need to go to the vet today to get Martini a large dosage of pain killers in case we need to put him down? C’mon!

4. When will be my last taco… would 10 in one sitting be too much, I wonder.

5. Am I really having to deal with tax issues in the state of CA right now, 5 days before we leave?

6. I miss my nephews and family.

Pomeranians, marina, mexico

I bet this guy isn’t worrying about much right now…



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  1. craigiscrazy

    I love the simplicity of a list when the reality of a situation is complex. I’m sure there are more than 6 things going through your mind right now!

  2. Nancy Steelman

    Do it, get it done, then come back to us. Meanwhile, if I win the lottery, I’ll fly the whole family to French Polynesia to visit with you, so you don’t miss us so much. We miss you, too. And I thought I didn’t have anything on my bucket list!

  3. Elaine

    Sending so much love to you three! I hope your days continue to be full of love and beauty and adventure. Wishing you safe, smooth (if possible), and incredible sailing! <3

  4. Wahkuna

    I meant “Dear Silent Sun”. Don’t you hate it when your IPad is correcting your spelling, thinking your are writing French when you want to leave a message in English? This is the story of my life.

  5. Charlie

    Safe travels you two. I’m sure you’ve planned and provisioned well. Keep a close eye on the weather and have a fun adventure!

  6. Breezy

    Hey Silent Sun, my husband and I have a dog and were under the impression that bringing him to to the South Pacific was pretty much out of the question due quarantines/paperwork. How did you guys do it? We would love to hear more about that. Congrats on your crossing!

    • S/V Silent Sun

      Hey Breezy! It is indeed a decision that was not made lightly to bring the lil guy along with us. So far though, so good. We did have to ax New Zealand and Australia out of our sailing plans because of him… but the other islands don’t have such a harsh quarantine and such. But hey, don’t mark my word for it, we just got here.. I’ll let you know in a few months :) Email me at crew@svsilentsun for specific questions! Would love to be able to pass on some doggy stowaway knowledge.


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