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Good Bye SCUBA-Roo

The time has come for us to say good-bye to our trusty chariot, The Scube.

We bought her in South Florida 5 years ago and soon thereafter took a road trip from the Florida Keys to Bellingham, WA, just about the two farthest points on the continental map. She’s been with us on dive expeditions all over the Pacific Northwest, including several into British Columbia. When Jess was working on her Master’s in North Cascades National Park, Scuba and I would take the two hour ride up the mountains in snowstorms that nobody else was venturing into, with music blasting and the wheels barely staying on the road.

The only place you will ever hear Chris sing

The only place you will ever hear Chris sing

Some people say that attaching emotions to objects you own is a poor decision. I tend to agree and have been trying hard to keep my stuff to a minimum and say good-bye when necessary. Saying good-bye to Scube, though, will be a tough one. Jess, Teen and I have spent so many hours driving in her. She’s about the only place you will ever hear me singing out loud. Jess and I have laughed till we cried while driving through the middle of nowhere. When Jess’s grandma got sick, she took us through the night to make it in time to say goodbye. Lots of memories….

Always focus on the front windshield and not the review mirror

Colin Powell
4 Star General, Bad at Poker

So, with a heavy heart, I have to report that we have put the Scube up for sale on the local Craigslist. For $4999, somebody will be walking away with a solid car packed full of good vibes. We will be walking away with enough money to cover food expenses for the rest of the year. And that’s what’s up


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