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An afternoon with Dinghus Kahn

Meet Dinghus…

Full name:  Dinghus Kahn

Sex: Male

Age: Pup

Species: Steller Sea Lion

Favorite Past time: Likes long swims on the beach, dining out on herring, puking on loved ones, and sleeping- lots of sleeping

Snores while Sleeping: Yes.

One beautiful morning, while anchored in Mag Bay- we awoke to find a new friend had joined us during the night. A small sea lion pup had found himself a peaceful spot to sleep onboard our dinghy. 75 lbs of blubbery cuteness. When I first saw him, I yelled (softly to not wake up our friend) down to Chris from the cockpit– “Hurry, get the camera!”.


Steller sea lion, Mag Bay, Baja coast

Look at that face!


Well, much to my surprise, Chris didn’t need to hurry at all actually. 8 hours later, there Dinghus laid to rest. After a series of selfies with my iPhone, a short nap together*, and even helping Chris work on the outboard motor– I thought FOR SURE he was going to be my new pet.

Then he puked on me.

Jess n Dinghus having a nap together

Jess n Dinghus having a nap together

It wasn’t until after the outboard had been fixed and we needed to run into town, Dinghus took a short ride with us and finally lost his balance and swam off…

Thanks for afternoon of fun and selfies Dinghus!

**Sleeping with local wildlife is not recommended

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  1. Helen Sink

    Hi Jess and Chris – we love all your FB photos. Just learned about your blog from Dareth. Can you add me to your contact list for the blog? I love watching the fantastic life of adventure for the two of you! Helen

    • S/V Silent Sun

      Hi Helen! You can subscribe to the blog by entering your email in the top right hand corner under “Subscribe to Blog via Email” or you can join our facebook page, as Jess is pretty good about posting new updates there.

      Hope all is well! Y’all are in San Fran?

  2. Charlie Sink

    Howdy right back. Wasn’t sure if I “linked” withn you to receive your blog/journal entries. Where are you now, and where will you go from there?

    • S/V Silent Sun

      Charlie, my good man. We just arrived in La Paz, BCS, which will be our base of oprations for the foreseeable future. We are doing some boatwork now, but plan on sailing between here and Loreto in the coming months, and doing it as slowly as possible. Tons of sea lions, whalesharks, whales, coyotes, shipwrecks, margharitas….. Can’t wait.


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