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Grey Whales of Bahia Magdelena

Our last night in Bahia Magdelena, we anchored at Punta Belcher, just inside the mouth of the bay. It was a really beautiful anchorage and we could see the bottom clearly through 20 feet of emerald green water, but unfortunately, we had to get rolling down to the cape for some upcoming appointments. We were, however, in for a little parting gift on the way out.

Grey Whale at mouth of Bahia Magdelena

I was sort of gung ho to sail all the way to Cabo or farther, so we started off by sailing off the hook and soon had our genoa switched out for our spinnaker as we headed out towards the Pacific. As we reached the mouth of the bay, though, there were Gray Whales everywhere. Easily 20 to 30 of them, mostly adults, and they were all around us.

I like big butts and I cannot lie

The current was coming into the bay, from the west, and the wind was coming from the north, so by setting our bow into the current and remaining on a starboard tack, we were able to hold our position in the middle of the whales for about an hour.

Hey. Nice Tail.

The whole show was pretty cool. Up until this point, this had been the closest we had been to whales of this number aboard Silent Sun.

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