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Your May Video

Brought to you by S/V Silent Sun, Niparaja and Colectivo Balandra! Enjoy :)

¬°Balandra es Nuestra!

This video is a little something different than what we are use to filming… why? Look at all those people faces! We are use to fish faces, whales and other wildlife. This time we had to actually talk to our subjects, and as permission :) and in Spanish of course! Which made it even more fun, and also challenging, but great practice nonetheless.

“Puedo tomarle un foto por favor?…”

This is a beautiful beach, that has been protected from development thanks to the people of La Paz and these great organizations. The goal of this video is to promote the beach with the saying- “Balanda es Nuestra” or “Balandra is Ours”… so go, and enjoy it!!!




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  1. Charlie

    Nice way of capturing the family fun on a beautiful beach. The La Paz chamber of Commerce should offer you a job promoting the beauty of the beaches and it’s people.


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