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Boat Goats (or why never to put a goat on your boat!)

Kevin at Nuka Hiva Yacht Services, located in the Marquesa Islands of French Polynesia, is no stranger to questions from cruisers of all kinds. “Good Morning Kevin, Do you know where I can go to get fresh water?” “Hey Kevin, how much is it to fill my propane tank?” “Can […]

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Cargo Day in the Tuamotus

It was a perfect storm. The tiny village of Raroia had run out of all things important …. Tobacco and liquor… in the beginning of the week. With a supply ship coming through only once a month, this was a serious threat to our happiness and those who we are […]


Working the Pearl Farms

There’s something about the black pearl farms in the Tuamotus that has me enthralled. It may be the poignant salty sea stench you can smell from miles away, the hustle and bustle inside as workers rush oysters from process to the next, or just the romantic (to me at least) […]


Titi Research in the Tuamotus

While exploring one of our favorite motus found in Tahanea, we were photographing some of the local residents (only animals found around here, no people!)… and I noticed some of the Sandpipers (known as Titi to locals)  had bands around their ankles. I assumed the bands meant that someone had […]

Atoll Motu

Diving the “Wall of sharks”

Before we plan a route, dive an area, or go just about anywhere- you better believe that Chris has researched it, read all the blogs about it, and has covered all the information resource base.  Before we headed to the South Pass of Fakarava for a week of diving, all […]


Raroia Diving

We had a hard time leaving Rarioa. This was our first stop in the coral atolls that make up the Tuamotu Archipelago, our first pass diving, and our first time surrounded by sharks, every dive. Not only was this diving special for the sharks, but also the large groupers, schools […]


Silent Sun Crosses the Pacific

The crossing. A 34 day journey, across an ocean, 3,000 miles- on a 37 foot boat, with a dog and 2 other people. You want me to put that into words? Hmmm… Was it scary? Never. Was it boring? No. Was it exciting? Sometimes. It really wasn’t like anything I […]

Pacific Puddle Jump 2015

CHECK! 34 days later, and we have arrived in the Marquesas. The sail was overall an epic journey, highlighted with pods of spotted dolphin, melon headed whales, a random tuna boat encounter and endless magical sunsets and rises. While our sail was a bit longer than most, we are grateful […]

Welcome Shawnecee!

We have a new crew member onboard Silent Sun! Shawnecee has joined us on the trip to French Polynesia to help us document… everything! We want to tell the story of our triumphs and challenges crossing the Pacific Ocean, and once we get to FP, continue documenting stories of local […]