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In 2013, we purchased our sailboat Silent Sun, a 1979 Crealock 37 yawl, in order to head out and explore the sea and the communities that depend on it. We could not have asked for a more stout and seaworthy vessel.

Silent Sun can trace her origins back to Glasgow, Scotland in the mid 1940′s. It was here that a budding, young naval architect, by the name of William I.B.  Crealock, set out with a group of his mates to “study the behavior of boats at sea.”

W.I.B. "Gentelman Bill" Crealock

W.I.B. “Gentelman Bill” Crealockd

No doubt enamored by the stories of those who had passed before him, like Joshua Slocum and Harry Pidgeon, William “Gentleman Bill” Crealock was now plying the seas himself from the hookah-filled bazaars of North Africa to multi-colored reefs of the South Pacific. He battled typhoons, wrote a few books and, eventually, made his way back to what would become his lifelong home in California.

Over the next 50 odd years, Gentelman Bill mixed his knowledge of cruising at sea with his creativity and engineering skills to distinguish himself as one of the most accomplished yacht designers in modern history. Designs such as the classy Cabo Rico 38 and the heavy cruiser Westsail 42 set him apart as a designer who was building boats meant for circumnavigating the world, not bobbing around in protected marinas.

“Content” – Gentelman Bill’s first cruiser that he put to sea to “study the behavior of boats”.

In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s sailing had gone through a revolution. One boat, the Westail 32, a boat Crealock had helped bring to market, was dominating these circles by utilizing new fiberglass construction methods. Gentelman Bill was approached to see if he wanted to design another fiberglass boat from the hull up to compete with that design.

What was to come of this project is the Crealock 37, well constructed and brilliantly designed, a proud member of the Sailboat Hall of Fame and what is, to many, the standard for bluewater cruisers in this size range.

The boat was first built by Cruising Consultants, who put out 16 hulls in 1978 and 79, before they sold the molds to Pacific Seacraft who has since put out several hundred more. Silent Sun is one of the first Crealocks, made by Cruising Consultants, and is a yawl to boot. This makes her a rare bird, and we like to think that makes Silent Sun to Crealock 37’s what the Shelby Mustang is to muscle cars.

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  1. LaDonna

    Point in fact, Silent Sun is NOT a Cruising Consultants boat at all. She was a one-off built by Alajuela Yachts and commissioned by Westerly Yachts. The old Cruising Consultants molds were in the blackberry bushes of Alajuela’s yard when a doctor from Texas took a sail on Hull #1. He loved the boat so much that he contacted Bill Crealock to inquire where he could get one built. Bill contacted the Alajuela yard manager, who used to be a principal at CC, and so began the build of one of only two non-Cruising Consultants, non-Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37 (not counting the Asian counterfeits). That’s why Silent Sun’s HIN starts with AYCC — Alajuela Yachts Custom Crealock. When we had dinner with Bill at a PS Rendezvous, he shared much of that story with us!

    • S/V Silent Sun

      Oooo! Sweet. I will change that. I’m hoping to ask you more for the next page we are putting together, but have been a bit slammed this week. I’ll shoot you an email soon. Thanks LaDonna!

  2. Al Anderson

    Imagine my surprise at your opening sentence. “In 2013 we purchased…a Crealock 37 yawl.” So did I! Mine is hull #199, a 1989 model year (laid up starting in Aug ’88). We bought her in Seattle and sailed her home to Hawaii in Oct. of ’13. Please do not go through Hawaii without contacting us.


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