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With a shapely canoe stern, sweet sheerline, low freeboard and long bow overhang, the PS 37 is a handsome boat by any definition. Below the waterline the large fin keel is cutaway fore and aft, the rudder is hung on a full skeg and the propeller is completely protected.

The Crealock 37 has sailed just about everywhere, and its cruising exploits have been well documented. What comes as a bit of surprise to many owners is how well the boat sails.

LOA 36′ 11″    –    LWL 27′ 9″     -    Beam 10′ 10″
Draft, standard 5′ 6″   –   Displacement 16,000   –    Lead ballast 6,200
Sail Area (yawl) 619 sq. ft.       -        Headroom 6′ 4″


The boat is well balanced, and can be easily handled by a small crew or single handed. It is notable that boat speed under sail is faster than its displacement/length numbers betray, Crealock himself commented “beware the numbers game”. The boat is narrow and heels early, lengthening its waterline significantly.

S/V Silent Sun on the hook in Glorietta Bay

S/V Silent Sun on the hook in Glorietta Bay

Many cruisers report consistent 6 knots on long passages, maintaining speed when many lighter and theoretically faster boats get pushed around by building seas. On long passages, the sea-kindly nature of the Crealock 37 in practice leads to a less fatigued crew which often equates to faster overall passages.

Under storm conditions, the boat has a reputation of taking care of its crew. Crealock himself tells of two such incidents, “we had reports from two 37 owners caught out under just such conditions, in each case running for their lives under bare poles before heavy wind and seas hitting the peg at 12 knots when surfing. Both made the same remark; steering was so easy it would have been more fun with a tiller.”


I did not have to pay homage to interiors festooned with bunks, or revered classic features, or long waterlines or short, or distorted ends. The 37 is an attempt to provide the weekender and the cruising man with a boat which will travel fast between ports under complete control, and which will yet remind him that the passage itself should be one of the pleasures of the cruise.

W.I.B. Crealock

The 37 was, throughout, aimed at those people who, while wanting a pleasant boat to sail locally, just might want one day a boat able to take them in safety to any part of the world – and this with as much speed and comfort as possible without detracting from seaworthiness. I consider crew fatigue to be a major enemy of seaworthiness, and this meant an easy motion, dryness, strength, windward ability, a comfortable deep cockpit, a safe interior and, above all, ease of handling and balance with or without steering aids. With a small crew, possibly no longer athletically endowed, these are what make for fast passages.


W.I.B Crealock



The Crealock 37 is a nearly perfect cruising boat for a couple. The interior may seem small when compared to more modern designs, but the point of cruising isn’t to bring all your worldly goods with you; it’s to leave them behind

When the wind pipes ups, the 37 finds its stride, even when a large sea is running. Several owners have reported touching double digits while surfing down trade wind seas. Long passages that average better than 150 miles per day are common. However, the most underrated performance factor is seakindliness, as nothing wears out the crew or the gear faster than a quick, pounding motion. The Crealock 37 is a “swisher” not a “pounder.”

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