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The Big Wind

Last weekend we had a big Norther come through. Every once and a while these systems form in the sea and send big gusts heading south from the cooler temperatures of the north. This one was a particularly big blow with 40 mph winds being clocked in various parts of […]

la paz sunset_KQ9C0058-Edit_140402

Grey Whales of Bahia Magdelena

Our last night in Bahia Magdelena, we anchored at Punta Belcher, just inside the mouth of the bay. It was a really beautiful anchorage and we could see the bottom clearly through 20 feet of emerald green water, but unfortunately, we had to get rolling down to the cape for […]


Bahia Tortuga: Dia Quatro

Here’s a picture post for our great day out yesterday. After getting up and shaking off the “Pominga” drowsiness, we headed out to a local break with some surfers that we met. We ate some local seafood and generally just had a great time. Today we have been getting the […]

Surfing in Bahia Tortuga

Bahia Tortuga

Ok. So, when we left you last, we had told you that we were gonna gunkhole down the Pacific coast of Baja California. Long story short: That wasn’t going to happen. After saying goodbye to our new besties, Joey and Suzanne (of Johnny Rook), Jeanne (of Nereida) and Pete (of […]

Turtle Bay Whale House

Hussong’s Cantina

In the heart of Ensenada is a sacred watering hole, renowned amongst drunks of the world as the finest place to imbibe Mexican spirits, only to be set free in the streets all wild-eyed and randy. That place is Hussong’s Cantina and its been the center of the Ensenadan social […]

Hussong's Cantina - Since 1892

Taco Tuesday

So we made it to Ensenada this morning at sunrise. There’s more to the story obviously, but I’ll get to it in a post later today or tomorrow. Just wanted to let everyone know we made it and are all checked in. For those following the Mexican TIP fiasco, it […]

Sunsets Under Sail