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Silent Sun Crosses the Pacific

The crossing. A 34 day journey, across an ocean, 3,000 miles- on a 37 foot boat, with a dog and 2 other people. You want me to put that into words? Hmmm… Was it scary? Never. Was it boring? No. Was it exciting? Sometimes. It really wasn’t like anything I […]

On my mind…

We are getting ready to leave on a 30+ day crossing from Mexico to the Marquesas. What’s on my mind right now? 1. Did I buy enough cans of black beans. 2. What will I miss more… the people of Mexico or the food? 3. Do I really need to […]

Puddle Jump Provisioning

Steps to provisioning your boat for 6 months…. Step 1: Spend 3 hours browsing and pillaging the aisles of your local Costco. Fill up 2 cart loads, spend $2,000. CHECK Step 2: Dinghy said cartloads to and from the boat… about 8 times. Tire the dog out. CHECK Step 3: […]