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Pacific Puddle Jump 2015

CHECK! 34 days later, and we have arrived in the Marquesas. The sail was overall an epic journey, highlighted with pods of spotted dolphin, melon headed whales, a random tuna boat encounter and endless magical sunsets and rises. While our sail was a bit longer than most, we are grateful […]

Welcome Shawnecee!

We have a new crew member onboard Silent Sun! Shawnecee has joined us on the trip to French Polynesia to help us document… everything! We want to tell the story of our triumphs and challenges crossing the Pacific Ocean, and once we get to FP, continue documenting stories of local […]

Puddle Jump Provisioning

Steps to provisioning your boat for 6 months…. Step 1: Spend 3 hours browsing and pillaging the aisles of your local Costco. Fill up 2 cart loads, spend $2,000. CHECK Step 2: Dinghy said cartloads to and from the boat… about 8 times. Tire the dog out. CHECK Step 3: […]


From La Paz to La Cruz

We left La Paz after a very fun Sunday, enjoying our first Carnaval parade on the Malecon. That town will never cease to amaze us. Anywho… off we were to mainland! We started our big journey to mainland from Bahia Balandra. Chris We had agreed beforehand that we didn’t want […]


Turtle Bay -> Abreojos

After 5 days, 2 hangovers and one offshore mega-storm (that we were hiding from), it was finally time to leave Bahia Tortuga. We could have hung out for longer. We were making really good friends and our Spanish was getting better everyday, since nobody really spoke English, but there aren’t […]

Jess, Antonio and Isaias on the way to the Fish Camp

Taco Tuesday

So we made it to Ensenada this morning at sunrise. There’s more to the story obviously, but I’ll get to it in a post later today or tomorrow. Just wanted to let everyone know we made it and are all checked in. For those following the Mexican TIP fiasco, it […]

Sunsets Under Sail

This website is dumb

Hello, Nice to meet you. Or maybe we already know each other. Chances are, you are my mom, because that’s probably the only person who’ll ever read this website. Maybe, just maybe, you are a stranger. Perhaps you have an interest in Sailing? Or maybe Diving? Travel? Cool. That means […]

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