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La Paz Pan American Triathalon

Long story short: We made it to La Paz. It’s a great city and we are glad to have it as our home base for the next few months. There’s actually a lot of young cruisers here, at least 4 or 5 boats full, so Jess is happy to be […]

2014 La Paz Mexico PATCO Triathlon Pan American Cup

Grey Whales of Bahia Magdelena

Our last night in Bahia Magdelena, we anchored at Punta Belcher, just inside the mouth of the bay. It was a really beautiful anchorage and we could see the bottom clearly through 20 feet of emerald green water, but unfortunately, we had to get rolling down to the cape for […]


Taco Tuesday

So we made it to Ensenada this morning at sunrise. There’s more to the story obviously, but I’ll get to it in a post later today or tomorrow. Just wanted to let everyone know we made it and are all checked in. For those following the Mexican TIP fiasco, it […]

Sunsets Under Sail


It has begun. On January 23rd, we cast off our bowlines and set out on what is sure to be our biggest test yet. For better or worse, we called the refit done and decided we couldn’t wait any longer. We had to get off the dock. So, after running […]

Jess takes us out of San Diego Harbor for the beginning of something big

This website is dumb

Hello, Nice to meet you. Or maybe we already know each other. Chances are, you are my mom, because that’s probably the only person who’ll ever read this website. Maybe, just maybe, you are a stranger. Perhaps you have an interest in Sailing? Or maybe Diving? Travel? Cool. That means […]

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